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Membership Information

6 August 2014
17 September 2014

Women interested in joining the Club are invited to register at the office for either a 10 am or 7 pm reception during which you will mingle with members and other prospective members, see our lovely Hycroft, and enjoy light refreshments.  It is our hope that your questions will be answered during and following a brief presentation.  Your applications are welcome.  

Imagine yourself here...

We are women who value education and lifelong learning, promote education by providing scholarships, bursaries and  opportunities for continued education through programs, a library, and the company of stimulating women, and opportunities for women to further the status of women and human rights, to share our education with the community by ongoing advocacy, action, and networking, and enjoy sharing ideas, interests, and fun in social interaction and events, in our clubhouse Hycroft.

Membership Requirements:  Active and Associate members have equal privileges at the Club.  Active Members are women who have earned a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent from an accredited university worldwide.  Associate Members uphold the purpose of the Club but may have achieved life education outside university.  Other categories of membership include Consular, Honorary, Temporary, and Student Memberships, while some members are dual members of other CFUW Clubs.  

Fees and Dues:  Entrance Fee of $400 for new members and Annual Dues of approximately $75 per month. Dues may be paid annually, or in installments by arrangements. Members under 30 years of age enjoy 50% annual dues.    

Applications: Completed and signed application forms together with proof of qualifications and full payment of the Entrance Fee and registration of a credit card must be submitted to our office for consideration.  The Board of Directors must approve all new members.  

Click here to download the Membership Brochure

Click here to download the Membership Application Form 

You will experience...

Membership Here and Around the World - University Women's Club of Vancouver is a member club in the Canadian and International Federations of University Women. Learn more about women making a difference at cfuw.org.

Enrichment & Lifelong Learning - Meet interesting women of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Dinner speakers, performances, lectures and social events regularly held at Hycroft offer a broad range of appeal.

Fellowship & Friendship - Interact with women who are open and interested in friendship and shared activities. Attend social activities held throughout the year to meet and mingle with one another, and host colleagues, clients, and friends in lovely Hycroft.  Participate in Interest Groups and committees to share and enjoy the stimulating ideas of others.  

Hycroft will become your home away from home in the city.  Catch your breath in between appointments or when you would like to enjoy a day or evening in the surroundings of Hycroft.  Members have access to Hycroft during all open hours Monday through Thursday 9:30am - 10pm; Friday 9:30am - 5pm or later if there is an evening event; and Sundays 1 - 4pm.  Your guests are welcome with you for casual visits and events.

Business centre includes a dedicated member room with computer and printer setup.  There is WiFi throughout Hycroft if you choose to bring your laptop or iPad to keep in touch in the comfort of other available spaces.

Interest Groups are member-driven regular gatherings in which common interests are shared.  Picture yourself in a group of interesting women who enjoy bridge, book discussion, wine appreciation, financial planning, Chick Flicks, conversational French, cheese-lovers' Femme du Fromage, golf, Hooked on Needles (the knitting kind), the in-house choir Hycroft Singers, Keep Fit, Issues Cafe, scrabble, Texas Hold'em Poker, Travel, Whiskey tasting, and more. Meeting space is provided in our Clubhouse. Committees and Interest Groups will provide more information.

Networking - We are entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, public servants, professionals in other fields, and volunteers. In all stages of career and life you will find members to inspire and support your endeavours.

Advocacy - Our members enthusiastically advocate our policies - at home, nationally, and internationally. You will feel proud to belong to an organisation that collaboratively develops policy to speak with a common voice in support of rights and opportunities, especially access to education, for women and children.  You will find others to inspire your personal involvement.

Committee Activities - When you are interested, committees provide opportunities to serve the club: to enact governance of the Club, to plan and present programs including creative and performing arts, to study and act on issues including education, status of women and human rights, environment, and our federation.  In a guilt-free atmosphere, members serve when and where they can.  See our full list of Committees and Interest Groups.  

Newsletter and Updates - Hycroft Happenings, our newsletter, and a monthly calendar, is produced regularly;  a Weekly E-Mail reminder sent each Thursday will remind you of happenings in the upcoming week.

Library - Our self-serve library features current fiction, history, and works on women's issues.

Parking - Your member parking decal ensures members may park at no charge in the private parking lot.

Members' Lounge - The Oak Room, our designated Members' Lounge, is available for members to read daily newspapers, newsletters from other CFUW clubs, or simply to chat with other members - by a cozy fire in winter. Join in the conversation of others or find a quiet corner to yourself.  If you prefer, find a spot in one of the other rooms or on the terrace or in the gardens.  Hycroft is your home away from home in the city.

Hycroft Hospitality Services - Coffee and Tea are always available to members at no charge in the Oak Room, as is an honour bar for beverages and snacks when signed to your personal account.  Meals are regularly scheduled for your convenience and pleasure.  Lunches are a choice of posted 3 course menu or lighter dashaway lunch served by table reservation or at a no-host table.  Dinners are regularly scheduled or can be arranged to suit your needs.    Your guests are regularly welcome.

Members Rates for Rentals of Hycroft - Members enjoy generously discounted rental rates when booking Hycroft for personal or business use.  Consider Hycroft for weddings, meetings, parties and special family or business events at member rates.

Did you know that:

- membership is not limited to university graduates?  In addition to graduate members, Associate Members may enjoy full privileges of membership for those women whose education was not at a university but who actively support our purpose.

- that graduate membership is not limited to graduates of any particular university, such as UBC.  Members represent more than 100 universities worldwide!
- We have a growing cohort of active working women and are building services to meet the needs of women at all ages and stages.  
Interested? Find out more now by downloading the Membership Application Form and get started.  

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