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Committees & Interest Groups

INTEREST GROUPS ~ Interest groups are self-run regularly meeting groups of members interested in particular activities who gather mornings, afternoons, or evenings depending on their schedules.  These currently include: afternoon and evening book groups, business networking, conversational French, financial planning, several bridge groups, wine appreciation, painting, poker, scrabble, travel, dance, golf, keep fit, Tai Chi, whiskey tasting, and more.  At Issues Cafe, members engage in lively discussion of topics that are specific and current, and conversations continue over optional dinners afterwards.  Several groups feature food and beverage including Busy Gourmet, Femme du Fromage, Wine Appreciation and Whiskey Women; some gather to eat before or after their meeting times.  Our in-house choir Hycroft Singers has been a continuing fixture of membership for the last 46 years - with new people joining all the time.  New interest groups are formed when members wish to gather to share ideas and interests; if you don't see a group that meets your needs we will assist you in forming a new one. Members may join in interest groups throughout the year by simply contacting the Convener.

COMMITTEES ~ You will see from the list below that some are integral to the work of the Club and some are to pursue and share interests.  Many committees welcome new members throughout the year while some are restricted to specific experience or representation.  If you are interested in participating in any committee please contact the Chair who will answer your questions.



ARCHIVES - Committee members meet in the Archives Room on Wednesday mornings to sort, file and catalogue Club papers, clippings and photos. The committee also answers questions from members about the history of the Club and its home.

CHRISTMAS AT HYCROFT - Christmas at Hycroft will be celebrating 41 years as the major fundraiser for University Women's Club of Vancouver from 21 - 24 November 2013. Over 30 members of the Committee will work to generate revenues by ticket sales, rental of the 2nd floor to non profit organizations, sale of culinary creations, raffle, table rental in the Ballroom to local artisans, café for light meals, the Club Christmas Shoppe, and Corporate Sponsorship. Volunteer opportunities are always available.  Please contact the Convener.

COMMUNICATIONS - This committee oversees the production of the club newsletter, Hycroft Happenings, and the weekly email update to members, keeps the website updated and provides consistency to club publications, publicity and information.

CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS - The Constitution and Bylaws Committee meets at the call of the chair. Changes proposed to the Constitution, Bylaws or the Standing Rules are presented to the membership for approval.

CREATIVE ARTS - CART manages the Hycroft Gallery through selecting the artists, convening the monthly exhibits, and hosting the opening receptions. CART also organizes special arts-related events and excursions featuring guest speakers and guided tours.

EDUCATION - The Education Committee meets to develo activities to stimulate interest in issues of public education, the education of women and the need for scholarships and bursaries. The committee encourages collaboration with similar groups in the community.  We also promote our own continuing education.

EVENT COORDINATING COMMITTEE - This group meets regularly to coordinate the Club's programs and events.  The members of the group consist of Chars of committees that plan speakers, series, and events as well as conveners of special events.

FEDERATION - All members of UWC Vancouver are, by this membership, members of the Canadian and International Federations of Women.  The Federation Committee's mandate is to liaise with the provincial (CFUW BC Council), national (CFUW) and international (IFUW) organizations and to inform and engage Club members in the issues and activities of these groups.  It meets monthly.

FINANCE - The Finance Committee, chaired by the Board Treasurer, presents the Club's audited financial statements as well as the operating and capital budgets for approval by the membership at the Annual Meeting each year. Its members, necessarily qualified, review monthly financial statements and reports to the Board on any variances, supervises the Club's investments, makes recommendations on entrance fees and dues, reviews the insurance policies for the property and the Club's directors, and monitors the Club's fundraising activities.

Finance Sub-Committees

Bid Review Committee - reviews competitive written bids for expenditures before the proposed work is tendered and operates under the Finance Chair.

Capital Priorities - develops priorities for the Club, house, garden and property, with a special focus on non-routine maintenance requiring funding from the capital budget, HHPF or bequests and operates under the Finance Chair. 

Investment Advisory Committee - reviews the Investment Policy Statement annually to ensure that it reflects the ongoing goals and objectives of the Club, liaises quarterly with the Club's Portfolio Manager to ensure that the Investment Policy Statement is fully implemented and monitors the performance of the portfolio and reports to the Finance Committee Chair.

HOUSE - The House Committee is committed to maintaining the buildings, contents and grounds of Hycroft, a designated heritage property. Planning is coordinated by the House Chair and Manager and executed by sub-committees in cooperation with the staff.

House Sub-Committees

Garden - The Garden Committee members are caretakers for our wonderful property that has numerous heritage trees, large rhododendrons, marvellous magnolia and many flowering shrubs and trees. The Committee meets the first Monday of the month.

House Exterior - The mandate of the Exterior House Committee is to maintain and preserve our heritage house exterior and to facilitate ongoing repairs, cleaning and upgrades as necessary. The committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month.

House Furnishings - The House Furnishings Committee recommends acquisition of and maintains furnishings as needed. The committee meets every second Tuesday of the month. The committee also arranges flowers for special events when arranged. 

LIBRARY - meets to sort and ready books for circulation in our lending library available to all members.

MEMBERSHIP - oversees the recruitment and satisfaction of members, is responsible for approving new members for presentation to the Board, and ensures ongoing needs of members are met by engaging their interest and participation.

NOMINATIONS - receives nominations for Club elections, determines eligibility and ascertains the interest of nominees for office.

PERFORMING ARTS -  meets on the first Monday of the month to plan and deliver concerts and events for members and the general public throughout the year.

PROGRAM - plans and executes a diverse range of events and programs that serve the needs of all members.  interested members are invited to contact the Chair.

SOCIAL - promotes, supports and facilitates events, often in conjunction with other committees, to provide social components of club events to create and nurture fun and fellowship within the Club and the community.

STATUS OF WOMEN & HUMAN RIGHTS - The mandate of this Committee is to maintain awareness of human rights issues locally, nationally and internationally, giving specific attention to the legal, economic, social and professional status of women. The Committee liaises with other like-minded organizations, taking action as appropriate, including recommending and advocating policy through CFUW and IFUW.

Interest Groups

...are open to all members.  For information on any group that appeals to you, please contact the Convenor.  Information on upcoming meetings is regularly posted in Hycroft Happenings and the Weekly EMail update.

Members interested in starting a new Interest Group need only three interested members to participate in order to have suitable space at Hycroft provided. All Interest Groups function at no cost to the Club. The Interest Group Chair will assist any member in forming a new interest group.  

BOOK GROUP - Afternoon - Readers meet on the first Tuesday of the month. We discuss the book, fiction or non-fiction, which we read the previous month. Sometimes no specific book is chosen, but members each describe one that they liked and feel that others should know about. We would like very much for you to come and enjoy the discussion with us.

BOOK GROUP - Evening - Readers meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Each member gets a chance to choose a book to discuss, which is then read by the members of the group. We meet in the Drawing Room from 7-9pm.  Each member gets a chance to choose a book to discuss, which is then read by the members of the group.  A book list can be sent out to you if you are interested.

Bridge Groups

Afternoon Round Robin - This group meets in members' homes or at Hycroft from October to May. Members play twelve games in groups of four during this period. A cumulative record is kept and prizes are awarded for top scores. We have a party in May at Hycroft. This group enjoys challenging games, entertaining conversations and making new friends. New members are welcome.

Thursday Morning Bridge - Supervised play under the direction of Judy Strebinger on Thursdays from 10am to noon from September to May. Fees charged for 8 week sessions. Flipped over Bridge book available.

Monday Bridge - In keeping with the mission of the UWCV, the Monday Bridge group endeavours to promote fellowship and camaraderie amongst a group of women who enjoy playing the game of bridge in a relaxed and supportive environment. Come join us in the Lett Room at 10 am.

Monday Afternoon - This group meets every week at 1:00 pm for two hours of Chicago Bridge from mid-September to the end of April. Substitutes often fill in on very short notice if a regular member cannot play. We have a wind-up luncheon at the end of the season.

BUSINESS CONNECTIONS - This interest group provides the opportunity to share the wealth of professional talent that we have in our club members. Meetings will be announced through Hycroft Happenings and weekly email. 

BUSY GOURMET - We meet on the third Monday evening each month to share a cooperative dinner based on themes set by rotating hostesses. We focus on the 'busy'.  Generally 25 - 30 attend to enjoy a meal, talk and have fun. We all eagerly welcome new and long-time members.

CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH - We welcome people with beginning French language skills, and those who are more fluent. Members meet weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to noon.  Danièle Walker is our mentor. We are having fun while learning.

DANCE GROUP - The Dance Group provides a wonderful opportunity for people who love to dance. We hold weekly Dance Classes on Wednesday evemings in the ballroom from 7-9pm for new and intermediate dancers. A broad variety of dance types are taught including waltz, foxtrot, rumba, tango, cha cha & swing. It is helpful when members bring a partner although they may come on their own. Classes run September through June. An instructor(s) with expertise in the type of of dance is hired and paid as required. Fees will be collected to cover costs. We also plan to hold casual dances at the Hycroft ballroom open to all members.

FEMME DU FROMAGE - just celebrated its first anniversary - with cheese and wine of course.  Formed to explore all the possibilities of pairing good cheeses with good beverages in good company, details are circulated in Hycroft Happenings and by email to those members who indicate their interest with the Convenor.

GOLF GROUP  - Our group consists of golfers from UWC and guests who have a range of golfing skills, and who enjoy casual play at a variety of courses.  The courses played are easy and the focus is on having fun.


HYCROFT SINGERS  - The Hycroft Singers enjoy making music together for appearances at Christmas at Hycroft, the Members Christmas Party, the Annual Dinner and other command performances during the year.  We have an extensive range of interest - from mediaeval carols to Broadway ballads, and love them all.  We usually meet on Tuesdays afternoons.  Interested club members are invited to contact Music Director Donalda Falconer for audition. 

INVESTMENT LITERACY - Members, interested in handling money wisely, meet the second and fourth Monday each month in the Farris Room at 1:30 to 3pm for discussions led by an Investment Advisor. Seminar topics depend on the interest of the group and can include types of investment, tax and estate planning, balancing a portfolio and market developments. Lively discussion is encouraged and each session completes a topic.

ISSUES CAFÉ - At Cafe, we engage in lively social discussion featuring topics that are specific and current, set and moderated by rotating hosts.  Regular scheduled meetings are held monthly, on the fourth Monday. The format is a no-host social, a presentation begins the moderated discussion which concludes with a summary of the evenings topic. "What is said in the Cafe, stays in the Cafe".  Dinner usually follows - watch the newsletter.

KEEP FIT TO MUSIC  - We enjoy classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings under the expert leadership of a member knowledgeable in the field of physical well-being for a good varied program of warm-ups, muscle flexibility, rhythms, dance and stretching. These classes are always enjoyable and provide a rewarding level of activity.  There are fees for instruction.

PAINTING - Tuesday & Friday Afternoon Hycroft Painters - Club members who enjoy creating art get together on Tuesday and Friday afternoons between 1:30 and 5pm in the Coach House to paint. Members work in different mediums including watercolour, acrylic and oil. We bring our own supplies and work on our own projects but share fellowship and fun as we encourage each other in our work. Everyone's welcome. Join the Tuesday or Friday group – or both.  For more information, contact Mary Stott or Eva Wideman.

PLAY READING GROUP - Our enthusiastic group meets every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 10:30am.  We read play-sets from the VPL and endeavour to choose an eclectic mix of plays from Agatha Christie to William Shakespeare.  No great acting skill is required - just the desire to read a good play and sometimes discuss the issues that arise. 

SCRABBLE GROUP - The Scrabble Group meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm. It is open to all members (new or experienced players). No registration required - just come and play.

SCRAPBOOK GROUP - Join us to Scrapbook Your Memories. We meet anytime between 2 to 9pm on a selected date. Please check the newsletter for more info. We have tools and ideas to share. Beginners welcome.

TAI CHI - We meet on Wednesdays at 1pm.  Our instructor, Sharon Blair-Chow, teaches us the Yang style of Tai Chi, gentle exercise for body and mind.  We enjoy afternoon teas several times a year as well as Tai Chi in the Country in mid-summer.  Any member is warmly welcomed to join us.  There are fees for instruction.

TEXAS HOLD"EM POKER - Please join us for a game of Texas Hold'em Poker. This is a simple card game that is not only fun, but will help us to develop strategic thinking. We are not playing tournament style poker, so feel free to join us on a drop in basis. Beginners and experienced players are welcome. Check the newsletter for dates and times of the poker and the pre-poker-pizza.

TUESDAY NIGHT CINÉPHILES - For film enthusiasts. Join fellow UWC cinephiles at the movies every 4th Tuesday of the month. Email the Convener for more information or to be included in the monthly notification email list. Open to friends of members.

WINE APPRECIATION - The Wine group meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6pm. We sip, slurp, and talk about wines in a very informal way. Anyone is welcome to join us. Look for the updates in the Hycroft Happenings or contact the Convener to taste with us.  Cost each month is TBA

WHISKEY WOMEN - This always growing interest group meets on the first Tuesday of the month to taste a new scotch, learn the ar of nosing and tasting, and most importantly have fun.  Members  are responsible for $15 cash to cover the cost of the whiskey, and arrange for food either in-house or by contribution determined by the Convener.  Members take turns selecting and presenting new offerings and toasts to the group.  Each evening will include at least 2 whiskies to taste and compare.  Contact the Convenor, Heidi Pullem for more information.

WRITERS - have newly formed groups in which to share their travails.  Please contact the Conveners for information

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