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Cats and Dogs

By July 22, 2013No Comments

Dr Stanely Coren the author of “Do Dogs Dream”? is quoted as saying in an article in the Sun “that dogs are smarter than cats”.The average dog is equivalent, roughly speaking, to a human two-year-old, and the superdogs–the ones in the top 20 per cent of canine intelligence—are equivalent to a two-and-a-half-year-old. And the average cat is equivalent to an 18 month old.”

Excuse me? He says the more social the animal the smarter it is. Well I’ve had both and here are some reflections from me.I had a cat that taught itself to pee in the toilet. A dog that swallowed a plastic bag with a carrot in it and had to go to the vet to have it removed. With my cats I could leave food out all day and they ate when hungry, my dog would overeat and throw up. My cat had kidney stones and drank tomato juice until he was better, my dog ate chocolate and threw up. My cat was very social and became great friends with our neighbour who when we moved said, “We’re going to miss Fitch”( the cat, not us). We got our mail delivery cut off because of our dog and the mail carrier. Oh the dog was social alright, he welcomed the burgler that broke into our house. When I mentioned to the police that I thought having a dog was a detterent to break ins, he said that they had been greeted happily by many dogs while investigating. So you tell me which is the smartest animal in my house?

The author Dianne Dixon is a member of UWCV since 1987. She is past chair of the House Committee overseeing the upkeep and care of our heritage clubhouse Hycroft. Dianne, as well as singing, enjoys many of our interest groups including poker, chick flicks and wine appreciation.