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Member Discussion Meeting – Amendment #2 and Amendment #5

March 20, 2018 @ 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm

CFUW has distributed a number of items for discussion this year at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for June 23, 2018. Due to the large number of items which have been distributed for debate we are hosting a series of member discussion meetings to cover all items and prepare for the UWCV AGM. All Club members are invited and welcome to attend all sessions. Your thoughts and comments on these items are very important in the deliberations leading to the recommendations made to our members for our own AGM in June. Please join us at both the stand-alone sessions as well as the Federation Committee meetings.

Amendment #2: Amendments 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e (Distributed by the CFUW Articles & Bylaws Committee, proposer(s) unknown)

Clarification and updating of Eligible Voters and Voting

2a) The definition would then read:

Eligible Voters means designated representatives of Clubs in good standing, members of the Board of Directors, Regional Directors and Past National Presidents.  All may vote on motions brought to the voting body as allowed in the CFUW bylaws.

2b) The definition would then read:

 In good standing means having paid any dues and liabilities in full and being in compliance with CFUW’s Articles and Bylaw, policies and procedures and governing documents of CFUW.

2c) The bylaw would then read:

  1. In addition to Club delegates, all Regional Directors, Past National Presidents and current board members shall have one vote each. Each of these non-Club delegate voters shall be allowed only one vote regardless of the number of Eligible Voter positions she holds at the time of the vote. These non-Club delegates may not vote by proxy.

2d) The bylaw would then read:

  1. Individual Club members in good standing may attend CFUW annual and special meetings whether or not they are eligible to vote and may participate in the discussion at the meeting.
  2. 2e) The bylaw would then read:
    1. A Regional Director must be an individual member in good standing of a CFUW club and must reside in the Region. She shall be nominated and elected by the Clubs in that Region.

    Amendment #5: 5.  Amendments 5a, 5b, 5c (Distributed by the Articles & Bylaws Committee, proposer(s) unknown)

    Full Term of Office and Eligibility

    5a) Moved: to delete the definition of Term and insert:  

     Term means a term begins at the close of an annual general meeting in which officers are elected.  The term ends at the close of the second annual general meeting after that election (approximately 2 years). A member who serves for more than one year shall be deemed to have served one term.

    5b) Moved:  to add a new 30. under Eligibility

    1. A member of the Board who has served more than one year of a term in an office is considered to have served a full term.

    5c) Definition of Past Presidents

    Moved: to insert in Part B Definitions:

    Past Presidents means members of a CFUW club in good standing who have served at least one term as president of CFUW.


March 20, 2018
3:45 pm - 5:45 pm
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1489 McRae Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 1V1 Canada
(604) 731-4661


The University Women’s Club of Vancouver
604 731 4661