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By December 30, 2012No Comments – I’ve belonged to the UWCV at Hycroft choir for about 10 years and hadn’t realized the physical benfits of singing but had enjoyed the social benefits.There are other benefits as well that I read here. The part I found most interesting in this article as well was that it , “Boosts your “cuddle” hormone. Yep, oxytocin, the same hormone that bonds moms and new babies and that makes you and your partner feel extra close after a romp in the hay, also surges after you croon a tune with your peeps (your pals, not those marshmallow chicks!). ” Wow! For people who say they are lonely in Vancouver Join a Choir. Increase your health, make friends and have fun. Our biggest gig each year is at Christmas at Hycroft where we sing twice a day. Come listen, Google choirs Vancouver. Or join ours. I know we laugh a lot, talk a lot and make new friends.

The author Dianne Dixon is a member of UWCV since 1987. She is past chair of the House Committe overseeing the upkeep and care of our heritage clubhouse Hycroft. Dianne, as well as singing, enjoys many of our interest groups including poker, chick flicks and femme du fromage.