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Telling Our Stories: Challenges facing BC families seeking child care

By October 29, 2015No Comments


The “Telling our Stories” Summary was prepared by the Canadian Federation of University Women BC Council’s Child Care Committee undertaken as a follow-up to their provincial Poverty Initiative.

In 2014 member Clubs gathered stories from their communities regarding the child care experiences of families. These stories describe the current reality and significant challenges faced by families coping with the demands of organizing suitable care for their children, often drawing on help from extended family, especially grandparents. From these detailed accounts, the Child Care Committee identified important common themes which were consistent across regions. “The Telling our Stories” Summary highlights these in the words of both parents and grandparents. Based on their information it is clear that action is needed by our elected officials to help families access the care that they need. Quality, accessible and affordable child care is a key driver of a vibrant economy as it significantly enables increased labour force participation, particularly by women. The BC Council will be sharing this information with key provincial and federal elected officials in the coming months, along with other provincial organizations who share our concerns on this issue.

As a member of the CFUW BC Council, The University Women’s Club of Vancouver encourages you to not only read the summary report on our website but ask that you take action by sharing it with your elected representatives. Help us implement a comprehensive child care strategy that gives families the support they so urgently need.