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Club Governance

We are bound by Constitution & Bylaws and Club Rules.
Directors are elected at our Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors 2021 – 2022

Margaret Imrie, President
Pam Addinall, 1st Vice President
Jane Derbyshire, 2nd Vice President
Jo Swann, Treasurer
Pat Patton, Secretary
Bernice Budz, Education Chair
Susan Woff, House Chair
Robin Halpern, Membership Chair
Bev Wong, Member Relations Director
Shayda Kassam, Member-at-Large

Past President 2019-2020 – Maureen Kling
Past President 2018-2019 – Charlotte Burns
Past President 2017 – 2018 – Wendy Orvig
Past President 2015 – 2017 – Cleta Brown
Past President 2013 – 2015 – Dawn Longshaw
Past President 2011 – 2013 – Louise Corrall

Some committees are integral to the governance and work of the Club and some are to pursue and share issues of common concern.  Many committees welcome new members throughout the year while membership in some is restricted to specific representation. Please email the Chair if you’re interested in joining.

  1. ARCHIVES The UWCV Archives contain a treasure trove of information about the Club, HHPF, TFE, CFUW and the history of Hycroft and the McRae family. The committee meets usually on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am in the Archives on the third floor to access and arrange materials. Donations of minutes and other records are essential. Researcher’s questions are welcomed and their schedules are always accommodated. Please call for an appointment. The committee is also responsible for formal group tours of Hycroft – for the benefit of HHPF. The committee welcomes new members. Cathy Barford, Chair,
    We meet monthly, discussing and developing activities to stimulate interest in areas of education, from local to international, from personal to public, and from early childhood to the elderly. The Committee encourages collaboration with similar groups not only within UWCV but within the community. Education is a lifelong journey. New members welcome.
    We are a small but passionate group who are committed to protecting and preserving the environment. We determined that our primary focus, for the time being, will be to significantly reduce single-use plastic in our communities. There is an urgent need to act quickly and effectively as the amount of plastic that finds its way into the oceans is staggering. It has been estimated that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. We need your help in preventing that statistic from becoming a reality.
  4. FEDERATION The Committee’s mandate is to liaise with the provincial, national and international University Women’s organizations and to inform Club members of the issues, activities and advantages of membership in these groups. The Committee is one of the UWCV advocacy committees and works to inform members of local, provincial, national, and international advocacy issues affecting women and to prepare or review advocacy resolutions for Club members’ consideration. Members meet monthly – all are invited.
    Marlene Adam, Chair,
  5. FINANCE The Finance Committee presents the Club’s reviewed financial statements as well as the operating and capital budgets for approval by the membership at the Annual Meeting. It reviews monthly financial statements and reports to the Board on any variances, supervises the Club’s investments, makes recommendations on entrance fees and dues, reviews the insurance policies for the property and the Club’s directors, and monitors the Club’s fund-raising activities.
    Jo Swann, Chair,
  6. HOUSE The House Committee is committed to maintaining the buildings, contents and grounds of Hycroft, a designated heritage property. Planning is coordinated by the House Chair, the General Manager and executed by sub-committees and appointed planning teams in cooperation with the staff.
    Susan Woff, Chair
    6.1 GARDEN
    The Garden Committee members are caretakers for our wonderful property that has numerous heritage trees, large rhododendrons, marvellous magnolia and many flowering shrubs. With the help and advice of our gardeners (of over 40 years) and arborists, also of longstanding, our ongoing goal is to return the garden to its Edwardian roots. The committee meets on the fourth Monday of the month and, from time to time, committee members participate in work parties, primarily to prune and weed. The committee welcomes new members. However, if you enjoy gardening but just do not have time to participate on the committee, please consider joining us in the garden.
    Cathy Barford, Garden Rep,
    The committee works to maintain and preserve our heritage house building exterior and adjacent patios, terrace, stairs, parking lot, and property walls, and to facilitate ongoing repairs, cleaning and upgrades as necessary. The committee meets on the 3rd Monday of each month.
    Maureen Attwell, Chair,
    The House Furnishings Committee is responsible for the maintenance and placement of movable objects in the house.
    Susan Woff,; Nancy Wu,, Co-Chairs
    The Membership Committee works in cooperation with the Membership and Marketing Manager towards the recruitment and retention of members, with the intent of increasing our Club membership. Any member who would like to join this active group is welcome to contact the Chair. Please direct any suggestions on how to develop our membership to the Membership Chair. Robin Halpern,
    PAC meets once a month to plan events. We work in cooperation with the Food and Beverage Manager to plan and deliver concerts and events for members and the public throughout the year. We welcome your new ideas and inspirations. I am confident you will have a great time as part of the PAC.
    Susan Mogan, Chair,
    This committee plans and executes a diverse range of events and programs that serve the needs of all members such as speakers series, field trips, picnics, BBQ’s, Ladies nights, and more. All members are welcome to attend our meetings and assist in putting on these events. Please refer to the newsletter for information on meetings and events; meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month at 4 pm.
    Donna Allen, Buket Donnelly, Co-Chairs,;
  10. SOCIAL
    The Social Committee works in cooperation with the Event Planner for some of our favourite Club social events. As well, this lively social group provides volunteer bar service at Club events when requested. Any member who would like to join this friendly active group is welcome to contact the Co-Chairs. Patricia Porter, Chair, and Judy Troesch,
    The mandate of the SW&HR Committee is to monitor human rights issues with specific attention to women’s rights and to advocate and take action where appropriate. We work closely with the Federation committee on a number of advocacy issues. Louann McCurdy, Chair,;
  12. VISUAL ARTS (VisArt)
    VisArts is responsible for managing the Hycroft Gallery, which includes jurying, scheduling, and convening fine art and craft exhibits, as well as hosting the artists’ monthly opening receptions.
    Jo Swann, Chair,